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The Redemption Factory

The Redemption Factory by Sam MillarA man is murdered, an anarchist suspected by his own group of being a police informer, but the killer has his doubts.

Years later, in a deserted wood a corrupt businessman, Shank, silences a whistleblower, but the killing is witnessed and leads by way of brutal interrogation back to the first murder and its consequences.

Lurking sometimes at the edge of the action, sometimes at the centre, is the deeply dysfunctional family of Shank and his two strange daughters, and their gruesome abattoir.

Sam Millar weaves a compelling story about the struggle to acknowledge a wrong, about loyalty and corruption, life and death. And he brings to crime fiction the strengths that made On The Brinks such an exceptional memoir.

"Another dark and extremely eerie book from the best-selling author. The Redemption Factory will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand. His words will mesmerize you." UTV

"Compelling..." Read Ireland

"A hair raiser for holiday reading." Books Ireland

"While most writers sit in their study and make it up, Sam Millar has lived it and every sentence in his new novel, The Redemption Factory, evokes a searing truth about men, their dark past, and the code by which they live. Great title, great read. Disturbingly brutal. I enjoyed it immensely." Cyrus Nowrasteh, award winning writer / director, Warner Bros.

"The Redemption Factory is like a weird gothic dream. The abattoir in the story is fantastic, straight out of Hieronymous Bosch. Indeed, the grotesqueness of many of the characters makes one imagine that Nick Cave is writing a paean to small-town..." Booklist, USA

"He writes with a certain raw energy, and he is not afraid to take risks with his fiction. The result is novel that can be as shocking as it is original." Irish Independent

"Twisty, dark, and fetid as a maze of back alleys, this vivid ramble about the fate of a man caught up in the family drama at a slaughterhouse packs a powerful punch. Millar gives his imagination full and disturbing freedom." Publishers Weekly, USA

"Millar has turned in a top class novel and one that I can see turning up on the silver screen one of these days." International award winning, Albedo One

"Millar's words will mesmerize you. He is like a poet of darkness" Village Voice, New York

"This novel creates a bleak vision of contemporary urban Ireland. It is brutally compelling." Chicago Tribune

Finalist of the Grand Prix De Littérature Policière, France's most prestigious crime writers' award



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