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The Darkness of Bones

The Darkness of Bones by Sam MillarSometimes in the most mundane of towns, strange things happen...

A young boy discovers a bone in a snow-covered forest. Initially, Adrian Calvert, thinks it could simply be that of an animal. But it belongs to a young girl who has been missing for three years. Adrian's father, Jack, an ex-detective who now works as a private investigator, has hidden from his son his responsibility for his wife's death.

When he confesses the truth to him, Adrian runs from his home into the worst snowstorm for decades. Jack's search for his son brings him into contact with Jeremiah Grazier and his drug-addicted wife, Judith, a damanged refugee from an orphanage who now sees herself as an avenging angel. Meanwhile, in the derelict orphanage, a tramp discovers a sexually mutilated and decapitated corpse, later identified as that of the grotesquely abusive head warden of the institute.

“With his new book, The Darkness of Bones, Millar has returned with his best work since On The Brinks. A powerful gem of a story. It will remain with you long after you have put the book down.” BBC

"The Darkness of Bones recreates the details of a child sex abuse scandal [Kincora] with shivery vividness." BookReviews, Irish Times

"Millar writes with such intensity his words can often knock the breath clean from your lungs. His gritty style takes no prisoners, and his stories always ask the question other authors shy away from. Based on the imfamous Kincora scandal, this is a gripping story, one you will not easily forget." Belfast Telegraph

“Millar’s latest thriller, The Darkness of Bones, is an uncompromising dark tale of abuse and murder. It hits you like neat whiskey to the throat. It is not comfort zone reading, but is essential and absolutely compelling…” Northern Ireland Today

"Nothing short of genius." Daily Ireland

“A colourful history is a public relations dream when it comes to promoting a crime-writer; the darker that history the better it is for selling novels. Millar has this and more, but it is the quality of his writing that he is quickly becoming renown for. Based on the true story surrounding the Kincora sex-abuse scandal, his latest novel, The Darkness of Bones, takes us into the very heart of darkness with a gruesome yet compelling story of murder and revenge…” Irish News

"His latest chart topper, The Darkness of Bones based on the true story of the Kincora sex-abuse scandal is a real page-turner." Go Belfast


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