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Dark Souls On The Brinks by Sam Millar

Author of the critically acclaimed Dark Souls, which focused on Child Abuse and it's consequences.

"The title is not the only thing dark about Sam Millar's novel, the darkness of violence, the darkness of abused children and the darkness of betrayal mark this as a particularly affecting book. Dark Souls is sombre tale of damaged childhoods that lead inexorably to a tainted and violent adolescence. Dark though it may be, in both title and theme, Sam Millar's novel is a compelling and forceful examination of twisted childhood." The Irish Emigrant Awarded book of the week


"This is a very sad, very strong story from a powerful writer." Anne-Marie Duquette, best-selling American author of over twenty books, and Star Trek writer for Paramount Studios.

"I have to say right off that I am quite impressed with Millar's familiarity of things dark and unspoken. And I am vaguely uneasy about that; rather, I am quite uneasy - there is no vaguely about it. I am a little terrified of what he might be carrying in him, to know so much about his subject. As for his writing, his artistry, his choice of words, all combine to make this a solid story. I hesitate to use words like wonderful or beautiful, and only because the subject at hand is so much the antithesis of all that. Excellent writing, descriptions and characterizations flow throughout. The artist in the story is quite chilling, actually, as is his entire story." Kim Martin, American best selling author of Snapshots

"Flannery O'Connor's Wise Blood springs to mind as a possible ancestor to Dark Souls with it's run-down neighbourhoods, wrecks of cars and a general sense of ugliness, fanaticism and brutality. Their town is a grim place. The murders, accidental deaths and mutilations that comprise the story are set against the grimmest of grim backdrops and it is Millar's ability to tell a story that is it's real strength. His upcoming memoir, On The Brinks, looks compelling." Michael S. Begnal, author of The Lakes of Coma



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